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Pocket Office Pool is the easiest office pool tracking system you’ll ever find! With a Windows based environment and a custom set of tools you’ll spend more time enjoying the “talk around the cooler” than fumbling through all that paper work! Here you’ll find up to date scores and highlights as well as everything you need to enjoy your own football pool without all the work!

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July 26, 2015

2015 software and schedule released.  We'll be updating the website over the next few weeks so you can manage everything online without requiring the use of our desktop software.

August 16, 2014

We've acquired a live feed from the NFL - scores will be updated live during game play every 5 minutes.  


Pocket Office Pool is the MOST POPULAR office pool software on the web!

Over 70,000 downloads to date.

  • Online Player Picks
  • Online Reports
  • Entire NFL season is pre-loaded (including 5 pre-season weeks and entire post season) - Other leagues season schedule's are also modifiable (when registered)
  • Special NCAA Schedule
  • Updates NFL and NCAA scores automatically!
  • Updates NFL and NCAA spreads automatically!
  • Unlimited number of pools
  • Unlimited number of players
  • Players may play in multiple pools concurrently - this allows for segregating players for performance within separate pools, yet allows overall stats for all players
  • Support for multiple leagues - (NFL, NCAA, CFL, Arena & more)
  • Modifiable schedules
  • Confidence Pool Option - New!
  • Multiple Point spread options
  • Home, Away, Favored, Underdog and Random straight ticket picks
  • Email Reports - formatted in PDF and HTML
  • Pick sheet looks exactly like Pick input screen (for easier data input)
  • Several standard reports including 'Pick Sheet', 'Recap report' and 'Standings Report'
  • 100 Square game generator
  • Tie-breaker (use any game as a tie-breaker) and ability to choose either total score or margin of victory as decision
  • Weekly winners and year-to-date standings
  • "Still Alive" indication
  • Automated Schedule Update Facility - Enhanced!
  • Pool Recovery Facility
  • Easy to use!!