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I'm sure some of you are wanting to know what features are in store for 2014 so here's a brief roadmap.

We are in the middle of a site re-design.  We've completed the initial layouts and should have everything completed by the beginning of the regular season.  The new site will be totally "responsive" so you will be able to use any mobile device to view and make picks with ease.  

We are also in the middle of creating our dedicated mobile application - this will allow Pocket Office Pool to truly be in your pocket!  While we can't promise that everything can be done from the mobile app - you'll be able to make picks and view results.  Other features will be updated as soon as possible.

As you'll see in the new web site - multi-sport support is coming.  This means you'll be able to run pools for a multitude of sports including Football, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer. 

If there are features you'd like to see please feel free to send us a note.