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Why did Team X win?
We get lots of email. One of the most common goes something like this... "your recap shows Chicago beating Cleveland but it's wrong - Cleveland won - 17-16". 

Can you guess what the reason could be? 

It's a fairly common issue - point spreads are everything.  If your pool settings are using point spreads to determine the correct pick - you may encounter this issue.  Showing point spreads and using them to determine correct picks are two different things.  If, for instance, Cleveland is favored by 3 points but only wins by 1 - then Chicago is the correct pick.  This doesn't mean Cleveland didn't win - they did.  

Check your pool settings if the results aren't coming out how you intended. 

There are also some more granular settings when using spreads to determine correct picks such as "Tie games as a result of the spread go to winning pick".  This means if Cleveland is favored by 3 and wins 17-14 - they get the nod because even though they only "covered" - you've decided you don't want ties.  This also addresses issues where administrators want to go to half point spreads to avoid ties.